A roof is one of your home’s most crucial components. It’s your property’s first line of defense against extreme elements and is essential in maintaining your house’s structural integrity. A well-designed and insulated roof can also help your home be more energy efficient and contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

Unfortunately, its best condition won’t last forever because of its constant exposure to the elements. You’ll also likely need a roof replacement service sooner if you live in a hurricane-prone area. For this reason, you should know how to spot the 9 red flags your home has a damaged roof before it’s too late.

If you want to protect your home and keep it looking good, this article will enumerate the warning signs you need an urgent roof replacement.

1. Sagging 

When inspecting your roof, watch out for any areas that look droopy or saggy by thoroughly examining your property’s sides. If you notice any signs of rotting boards or trapped moisture, it could indicate that your home should get an immediate roof replacement or repair from a professional. Never take this warning sign lightly because it can be unsightly and cause further structural and water damage.

2. Mold and Moss Growth 

When examining your roof, you must search for moss, mold, or fungi because it could indicate moisture trapped in that part of your house. You should also check the shadowy corners surrounding your roof because mold and humidity will likely thrive there.

Moreover, remember that this moisture can encourage mold growth, which can be an expensive mistake to fix and negatively affect your respiratory health. Additionally, check your soffits, which are the vents that create an airflow that moves warm attic air out of your property.

3. Old Records 

While a roof’s lifespan usually lasts 30 years, it can vary based on your location. You can determine its lifespan by reviewing the home records to see when contractors installed it, what materials they used, and if they re-shingled the roof since you moved in.

If it’s been 20 years since you or the previous owner last inspected the roof, you should call an expert to examine it for potential problems. They’ll then have the right roof replacement tools and skills.

4. Damaged Shingles 

Afterward, go outside and check if your roof shingles are lying flat on the surface. If they look cracked, buckling, or damaged, you need a professional roof replacement. Besides making your house unsightly, damaged shingles can also cause dangerous water leakages.

5. Attic Issues 

Once you’ve finished inspecting your roof from the outside, go to your attic and check for water stains. You could have a damaged roof if you notice water stains running from the ceiling to the walls.

You can prevent a small leak from escalating into a more significant issue by letting a professional roofing contractor find the source of the leak. They’ll have the right tools and skills to replace or repair a roof.

6. Broken Seals 

You can test for a damaged roof by flashing your skylights, vents, and chimney seals. You must also check for cracks and breaks in the seams and call a professional if needed to avoid leaks. Moreover, examine your step flashing to ensure water channels down your shingles properly.

7. Bouncy Feeling When Walking on the Roof

While bouncy sensations are fun, they could indicate something’s wrong when you feel it on your roof. You should immediately seek professional assistance if you experience a slight bouncing sensation when you walk on top of your house. It could indicate that moisture is weakening your roof’s surface and you have a roof leakage.

8. Gutter Rust 

Rusted gutters may indicate that you have a damaged roof and can lead to leaks when seams rust or open because of expansion and contraction.

9. Shiners

Shiners are nails missing framing members that can cause condensation and frost in cold attics. You can fix it by clipping the nail with side-cutting pliers.


Besides making your roof unsightly, a damaged one can also lead to expensive mistakes. You can avoid costly consequences by scheduling a roof replacement and booking regular repairs.

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