Roof Replacements & Re-roofing

Roof Replacements & Re-roofing

Service Overview

Roof Replacements are a combination of steps that involve tearing off your old roof down to the deck boards and installing your new warrantied roof system. Roofstruction will work with your insurance company if it is a claim due to storm damage.

  • Replace Broken Shingles
  • Replace Broken Roof Vent Caps
  • Replace Old or Split Flashing

Roofstruction experts will replace broken shingles, install new shingles, replace broken roof vent caps, replace flashing and other items to insure the integrity of your homes roof system.


Every roofing project requires an inspection.  We first inspect your roof for wear and tear or if there is damage due to wind or possibly hail damage.  Once we determine that the roof either needs to be repaired or replaced we will provide the homeowner with an estimate. At this point we will schedule a date to begin work. Most roof projects will take between one to three days depending on the weather.