Knowing the Basics and Importance of Roof Inspections

When it comes to buying a property or getting a policy for homeowners insurance, having the roof inspected is a crucial step to take. It may not appear necessary to get your roof inspected, but it is absolutely necessary for homeowners insurance companies to evaluate the state of a roof in order to determine how big of a danger it poses and how high your premium will be. In order to establish the state of your roof, a qualified inspector will not only look at the shingles, but also the flashing, gutters, vent pipe covers, caulking, and its other notable components.

A homeowner’s insurance policy application may also be accepted or declined by an insurance company depending on a number of factors, including the age and condition of the roof.

What Exactly Is Included in a Roof Inspection?

When a roof inspector visits your property to assess it, they are essentially estimating how long the roof will endure before needing to be replaced. This is something that an insurance company needs to conduct in order to determine the level of risk associated with insuring your roof. If the state of your roof is poor, you can expect to pay a higher premium, and you may even have trouble insuring your home until you either repair or replace it. If your roof is in poor condition, you may even have trouble having your property insured.

You might see an inspector climb onto your roof if you were to observe a real insurance roof inspection, or you might not. During a general roof inspection, the inspector will typically be able to visually determine the state of your roof from a distance, either from the ground or from a ladder. A professional might inspect your roof using drones, meaning the inspector might not even need to physically climb onto the roof at all.

Why Do Insurance Companies Require Roof Inspections?

Your homeowner’s insurance provider may insist on a roof inspection if you reside in an older home or a region with a high frequency of severe storms. This is due to the fact that your home’s roof serves as the first line of defense against the elements of nature. Your roof has to be able to withstand the elements no matter what the forecast calls for. If it breaks, it could result in a domino effect of other problems within your house, such as roof leaks and interior water damage. This would mean that your homeowner’s insurance company would have to pay out more money in a claim if something were to go wrong.

Your insurance is intended to help safeguard you financially after certain losses, but insurance providers still expect you to mitigate as much harm as you can, which includes keeping your roof in good shape.

Roof inspections have a number of advantages.

In addition to the obvious advantage of preventing you from having to climb up on your roof yourself, there are many other positive aspects to hiring a professional roofing contractor.

In most cases, a roof inspector will be able to identify any of the following:

  1. Damaged shingles
  2. Deteriorating flashing
  3. Gutter
  4. Leaks
  5. Mold
  6. Wood rot

The sooner problems are identified, the sooner solutions can be implemented, and the sooner you may be able to save yourself the stress of future injury. The most positive aspect of this scenario is that a roof check might not cost you a thing. Suppose an insurance company has requested an inspection as part of the underwriting or claims process. In that case, you will not be obliged to pay for it out of pocket because the insurance company ordered the examination.

You’ll only be responsible for paying for inspections that you request and start. Having your roof evaluated once every few years, despite the fact that hiring an inspector that frequently would likely need you to pay for the service out of your own money, maybe a good idea.

Maintaining awareness of the requirements of your roof increases the likelihood that it will last for a longer period of time. There is no roof that will endure forever, but if you take care of problems as they develop, the likelihood of your roof suffering a catastrophic breakdown that affects the entire system is significantly reduced. Roofing inspections, in general, can be a useful resource that can be of service to you as a homeowner.


Roof inspections are a critical part of maintaining a safe and secure home. Regular inspections can prevent costly repairs and replacements down the road. They also provide peace of mind knowing that your roof is safe and up to date.

Overall, roof inspections are an essential part of home maintenance and should be done regularly to ensure the safety of your home and the longevity of your roof. If you are looking for a company that does roof inspections in Raleigh, NC, look no further than our services here at Roofstruction. We also specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs, and gutters, and we are passionate about what we do and the quality of work that we provide. Call us today and let us tend to your roofing needs in no time!