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Inspecting the Roof: A Drone‘s Perspective

At Roofstruction, we use drones for inspections to provide customers comprehensive reports of a home’s condition. Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and GPS technology, allowing them to capture detailed images of the roof from all angles. These images are then processed with advanced analytics software to identify potential issues such as damaged shingles, and other structural defects. The software can also identify potential areas of weakness or instability, making it easier to plan repairs or replacements.

In addition to capturing images of the roof, our drones are also equipped with the ability to take precise measurements of a home. This allows us to accurately calculate roof area and pitch, as well as gather other important data about the home’s structure. By using drones for roof inspections, we can quickly and safely assess the condition of a roof and gather detailed information about the home’s dimensions and structure without putting personnel at risk of falls or other hazards.

Drones can be a valuable tool for inspecting roofs in a variety of ways. They can access hard-to-reach areas, such as chimneys, valleys, and areas around solar panels or satellite dishes. They can also inspect potentially dangerous areas that may be difficult or unsafe for human inspectors to access. By using drones for roof inspections, we can provide a more accurate and thorough assessment of a roof’s condition, helping homeowners make informed decisions about repairs or replacements. For your free drone inspection, fill out the form on this page and we will have one of our inspector reach out to you.”

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What Our
Clients Have To Say

I recently used Drone Roof Inspection Services for a project on my residential property and was extremely impressed with the results. The team used the latest drone technology to inspect our roof from the sky, giving us a detailed overview of the condition of the roof. The report they put together was incredibly thorough and helped us identify areas of our roof that needed repair. We appreciated the quick and efficient service and would highly recommend Roofstruction Drone Roof Inspection Services to anyone looking for a reliable and thorough roof inspection.”

– Alicia W. |

Logan was very professional and helpful in inspecting and contacting my insurance company. He explained and did everything to make it easy to understand and complete my roof replacement. His crew was outstanding. They did such a great job and finished ahead of schedule. I can’t say enough about this company. I will highly recommend them and they surpassed all their core values (Integrity, fairness, reliability, and efficiency). Thank you.

– Ron C. |

So glad we went with Roofstruction! He came out to give us an estimate & noticed some previous hail & wind damage and recommended we go through our insurance company! The roof was over 30 years old, but we were unaware of the recent damage, and ended up getting the whole thing covered by insurance! The crew was at our house early and worked until dark! Besides a few next day finishes, they finished our whole roof (w/ an detached garage) in ONE DAY!

– Tori Swart |

We recently had our roof replaced by Roofstruction. We worked primarily with Mike Gay. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough and did a great job working with our insurance company to coordinate the replacement and coverage. He also came by several times during the replacement and after to follow up on the work and check for any debris that might have been leftover from the replacement. I would definitely recommend Roofstruction.

– Joe Scotto |

We worked with Roofstruction to replace our roof after storm damage. We were covered by insurance & Mike helped guide us through the claim & adjustment process w/our agency & helped make a foreign process so easy! They did great work & finished it up quicker than expected (less than 2 days). Our new roof looks fantastic & has been holding up through the heavy rains & storms since the installation two months ago. I highly recommend their services!

– Kyrie S. |

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